The Dispassion for the futile senses

The saturation of the sense pleasures has reached,

Oh dear senses, why do you run astray in the forest of samsara,

Every rule of dharma you have breached,

How much more food will you eat, now that no taste satisfies you anymore,

How much more will you travel, now that no scenic sight enchants you anymore,

How much more music will you hear, now that no sound stimulates you anymore,

How much more will you smell fragrances, now that no smell interests you anymore,

How much more sexual pleasure will you seek ,now that it does not satisfy you anymore,

Oh dear mind, and why do you let the horses run haywire,

Why do you weep yourself to sleep while you are restless,

How many more cycles of life and birth will you come back for before you learn,

That it’s all but a mirage that you chase in your ignorance,

You are left empty handed in misery with only more hopes and dreams to chase,

If no hopes and dreams arise, you go in depression,

If there is no depression, you become anxious,

When will this end?

Oh dear mind, watch as the King who rules you awakens,

He who you are made of,

He who is seeing you now,

He who is hearing you now,

He who can smell and taste you,

He who is talking to you now,

Oh dear mind, you may be the master of the senses,

But the King is the master of you, 

Of which you and all existence is made of,

Let’s bow down to this King for everyone’s sake,

Let’s abide in him and be forever restless,

Oh dear mind, let’s be forever at peace

The Spiritual Chef

Up on the heavenly mountains of blue ridge,
I came across a spiritual chef,
Always living in the present moment,
With no time for the past or future,
Curt yet polite in exchanges,
And in his heart nothing changes,
Always dressed in black with a hat,
Never once looking back,
Spontaneous with his responses,
Precise with his food garnishes,
The food, delicious and never falling short,
Always served fresh off the pot,
He works hard and makes everyone do the same,
In between, allowing those helping to take a relaxing break,
Always moving fast,
You may miss him while you blink,
While in action he has too little time to think,
Going by instinct developed over the years of experience,
Yet humble in his demeanor and appearance,
Learnt a thing or two about cooking for him,
Most importantly learnt that no matter how far in life you get,
A smile on your face and your treatment of others shows your success”

Update on the Padma Sadhana project

Trip down memory lane:

After I took the Daily 5 Padma Sadhana challenge I know that some of you were like the meme below ūüôā

one does not simply

After that I consulted with a senior teacher and I was given a go ahead, so it’s all good.

The Archie experience:

During that time, I remember telling Archie about my adventurous plans.

archie padma

By the look in his eyes you can tell he wasn’t impressed. He was like “Okay dude, I get it, now back off please, I need get back to chasing my tail if you don’t mind”

After that day onward, whenever I did Padma Sadhana his expression would be like the one below.

padma whatever

Trip to the doctor for a Health checkup:

After getting over all the unimpressed cat disappointment I went to my doctor for a pre project checkup. Below were my results.

Total Cholesterol = 198 (within normal range, but a bit border line)

HDL Cholesterol = 49 (within normal range)

LDL Cholesterol = 133 (33 units higher than normal, need to get it under 100)

Glucose, Serum = 82 (within normal range)

These medical metrics will serve as the before metrics. I’ll do another check after this project is done. ūüôā

Weight fluctuation and metabolism increase:

When I just started this project, my weight was 70 kilograms. In the first 10 days I came down to 67 kilograms. From the 3rd day onwards I felt my metabolism picking up. By the 3rd round of Padma Sadhana I could consistently hear my stomach growling. See the graph below showing my weight vs time. The red arrow is where I am at now.

body weight

Flu got me:

The flu season is on and it got me. I got sick on the 12th day of this project and had to take a break for 10 days.

The Padma Sadhana gave me tremendous energy during that 12 day stretch. I learned that any sort of caffiene needs to be cut out. I usually don’t take caffeine but I remember drinking a cup of Indian black tea on day 11 and 12. That disrupted my sleep and the lack of rest made me prone to catching the flu. Lesson learned, that cut out any caffeine while doing¬† Padma Sadhana. Otherwise, you will be up all night. Rest is key. Get as much rest as possible.

However, now I am back to normal now. I’m adding an additional 10 days to the project since I lost 10 days to the flu. So technically my project will end on 2/10.

Some trends:

Below in blue you see the sound sleep trend and in orange you see my padma sadhana yoga time.

My sound sleep seems to be high on the 7th and then goes back down as we get closer to the 11th. I felt like I slept soundly as long as I slept before 11pm. Another lesson learned. Go to bed early especially while doing projects like these.


Whats coming up?

I’ll post my daily metrics so you can see my progress if you like.

What else will I do everyday?:

As a part of my daily practice I will do¬†Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY)¬†everyday. SKY is super cool. Why? Because of it‚Äôs immense benefits!¬†Independent Research¬†studies have shown that people practicing SKY for 3 years have reduced levels of the stress hormone ‚Äď cortisol, increases anti-oxidant protection, enhances brain function, and relieves anxiety and depression.

How can one learn Padma Sadhana?

1. Register for a DSN course. You will be taught the Padma Sadhana by a trained instructor. Note: You will have to do the Happiness Program as a prerequisite to DSN, if not taken already.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not try this on your own. Do not try Padma Sadhana unless you have been trained by an Art Of Living Instructor.

Another Note: This blog post is written with a certain element of satire. Taking the satire too seriously may turn out to be hazardous for readers. However, the Padma Sadhana Yoga part is serious and is being seriously practiced with reverence.

Project Daily 5 Round Padma Sadhana: Day 7

Sleep Patterns: Sleep time = 7hr 16 min, sound sleep = 2hr 43 min (increasing deep sleep pattern)

Calories burnt: From Padma Sadhana = 319+520=839

Mood:¬†Before =¬†Good, After = Feels great, feel like getting up and doing something right now ūüôā

Sattva Meditation time: 148 mins

Heart Rate: before = 63 after Р62, before = 61 after = 69 (increased because measured just few minutes after asanas)

Weight: 67kg (back down to where I started. I juiced fresh organic fruits and veggies for last 2 days, watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Part 2, probably was the inspiration for that)


Project Daily 5 Round Padma Sadhana: Day 4

Sleep Patterns: Sleep time = 8hr 16 min, sound sleep = 3hr 30 min (slept much better tonight, lesson learnt: earlier I sleep, more chances of me getting more deep sleep time)

Calories burnt: From Padma Sadhana = 235+339= 574

Mood: Before = Good, After = Optimistic

Sattva Meditation time: 90 minutes

Heart Rate: before = 68 BPM, after = 55 BPM (Wow, felt calm and serene indeed)

Weight: 68 kg (gained 1 kg, I feel hungry. ūüôā Seems like metabolism has picked up. Medical reasoning: Could be normal fluctuation due to water content, bowel movements etc.)

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